Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kyle and Jannette Party With Fans

Jose Chameleone (R) performs as Uganda's Big Brother StarGame representatives get witty.
Last week Kampala’s socialites were in a frenzy of how to get access to Kyle and Jannette’s welcome party that went down last Saturday at Boda Boda Lounge.

See, the parties that Multichoice Uganda organizes are darlings to Kampala patrons.

Open bar, good snacks and a comedian or two for the cherry on the cake. Plus for the first time Multichoice didn’t have an official finale screening, so patrons thought they would make up for everything at the welcome party.

By 6pm there were people arriving at the venue. However, Boda Boda didn’t look like it was hosting a party; no decoration, save for a lone Big Brother Stargame banner and about two DStv banners.

Kyle is the third Ugandan to last 91 days in the Big Brother Africa house, while Jannette lasted 84 days. Good representation, by any standard. However, unlike past Big Brother parties, Kyle and Jannette’s do was lukewarm. First, no one at the entrance cared to check invites so every Tom, Dick and Harry got in.

The usual open beer tap was nowhere to be seen; it was strictly two beer coupons which were also a hassle to get. Getting food was even worse. If it wasn’t for the Olympics relay race at 11pm where the world was waiting for Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake to make Jamaica proud or Moses Kipsiro taking part in the 5000m race which kept the patrons glued to the screens, then the party would have remained with only The Krackers, emcee Flavia Tumusiime and Kyle and Jannette.

Kyle showed off his new customized baseball caps which will be on the market soon, speaking in a much-stretched English accent. Someone in the crowd, told him off about the fake accent, and he said in life people adopt things and he had adopted that.

Jannette, on the other hand didn’t adopt anything visible; she was speaking freely and normally. Well, at least they had Chameleone cheer up the crowd; otherwise, some freshman drink-ups are better than that ‘party’.
L-R: Accent-man Kyle, emcee Flavia Tumusiime and Jannette.

by Felix Eupal / theObserver - Uganda
Photos by Samson Baranga

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