Thursday, August 09, 2012

Kyle and Jannette Return Home To Excited Fans

Uganda’s Big Brother StarGame representatives, urban TV’s Kyle Duncan Kushaba and Jannette Georgina Lutaaya, returned home on Wednesday evening to a befitting welcome by their fans, friends, colleagues and families.

The couple, which represented Uganda in Season Seven of the Africa Magic reality TV show, landed at Entebbe International Airport at 7:30pm aboard a South African Airways flight.

Waiting for them in the arrivals section at the airport was, among others, a slew of pressmen, cameras and recorders of whom clicked way in motion immediately Kyle and Jannette surfaced with their luggage, spotlighted by Uganda flags.

There was a stampede of some sort as everyone tripped over themselves to welcome back and congratulate Kyle for placing fifth in the game and winning a Big Boy Scooter among other freebies, and Jannette, who came seventh in the game she played relentlessly till the 84th day, just a week before the finale.

The two, after pleasantries and impromptu press interviews, were led to a press conference at Faze 3 in Entebbe, chauffeured in a green monster Toyota Land Cruiser, which came in as a last-minute improvisation after the Range Rover Sport Multi-choice Uganda had organized broke down on the way to Entebbe.

Joining the pressmen at Faze3 were the representatives’ family members: Jannette’s mum Jane Lutaaya, her sister Cynthia Lutaaya, and Kyle’s dad Reverend Benon Gumisiriza Karuhinda, mother Juliet Tushemereire and Kyle’s siblings.

Kyle’s dad amused all and sundry when he said all he cautioned his son against was “playing sex on television.”

Standing out was Kyle’s launch of a caps and men’s boxers label KYLE, which the Ugandan finalist said was his very first move towards taking on a business venture in fashion – a partnership he is in with South Africa-based Ugandan fashion label Star Qt, run by Ugandan Stella Nankya.

He said that would supplement his job as host of Skizzy on Urban TV and his upcoming singing career, which he started about five years ago with his friend and co-singer Remmy Ratzy, who together for Uptown.

As for Jannette, whose dancing skills shone throughout her stay on the show and dramatic lifestyle gave her an edge that took her all the way in the game, she told the press conference that she intends to use the platform and publicity gained on Big Brother to further her singing and performing dreams at a professional level.

She said she was already eyeing the Nigerian market, with Goldie and her producer already interested in working with her.

The two representatives’ stay on the show and bringing the country close to winning the staked jackpot of sh300,000 (won by South Africa’s Keagan), will be celebrated in a homecoming party Saturday evening at Boda Boda. Entrance is free for all their fans, but those not on the Multi-choice guest list will cater for their own refreshments.

By Nigel Nassar and Abu Mwesigwa / The New Vision - Uganda

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