Friday, August 03, 2012

Kyle Blasts Talia for Cheating on Seydou

Kyle became the wet blanket in Kealia's blossoming relationship when he questioned Talia's loyalties.

This led to Wati jumping to Talia's defense when Kyle highlighted that Seydou wasn't happy about Talia's new love. "I know how he feels, I just want to know if she's comfortable," Kyle told Wati.

Wati fired at the Ugandan Housemate for being tacky in his approach to the Zambian lass but Kyle was unapologetic. "You were not close to Seydou. Before Seydou made a move on Talia, he was with me. I'm being objective here," Kyle explained.

Wati bragged about how he has known about Keagan and Talia's attraction to each other for longer than Kyle could imagine so he basically doesn't have a right to question it.

Talia felt a bit uneasy and asked that the two guys cut it out. "I know it may affect me negatively or positively but I am where I am now. Judge me accordingly, I'm just a human being," Talia begged.

Is Kyle justified for looking out for his friend and demanding an explanation from Talia or should he just mind his own business?

Video: A Thorny Issue!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online


  1. They are lucky 2 hav themself

  2. Talia made a mistake what would she have done if their were no cameras?