Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kyle In Quick Upgrade

What can you do with UShs25m($10,000) if you’re 24 years old?

Folks, please hurry with your suggestions because the person who wants the advice has very little time on him.

In the meantime, Uganda's Big Brother StarGame representative Kyle has shifted from his old pad in Kamuli Zone Kireka where he used to pay UShs180,000($72) a month, to a new rental in the same area, using some of his Big Brother earnings. It will cost him UShs400,000($160) every month but that is not something to worry about because he is the brand owner of label KYLE and has already launched a cap and underwear line around Africa to support his newly-found demanding lifestyle.
KYLE products
The former Big Brother Africa StarGame housemate is also understood to have checked on a couple of both new and old cars. He might need a new workplace or new deal at work too.

Credit: Sqoop - Uganda

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