Sunday, August 12, 2012

One-on-One With Talia

Big Brother StarGame finalist Talia Hayward has apologised for having sex with South African housemate Keagan during the MultiChoice television show that is viewed by millions across the world. Talia said it is difficult to pretend in the US$300,000 prize Big Brother house show for over three months without portraying one’s real self. Chimwamwe Mwale of Zambia Daily Mail had an exclusive interview with her and below is the verbatim.

Who is Talia as a person and perhaps not the Talia people saw in the BBA reality game show?
To answer the question I would say, the Talia that you saw on television that is me completely. I am just a free spirited person, I embrace different people, and I enjoy art, music, dancing. I have my silly goofy sides. I am making jokes and I am cursing round there. I show every aspect, I am emotional and sometimes my emotions will take over. Everything I did in the house I did as me. So for one to ask for my personality traits, watch Big Brother show and you will know who Talia is.

Are the sexual encounters a reflection of who you are in privacy?
Everybody in private…that is my private time and it is unfortunate this is what I will keep apologising for, that it was showcased because that was my home for three months and this is what I am apologising for but nobody knows what people do behind closed doors.

But I am sorry for the negativity that I caused but you know this is a show where you have so many different personalities from different worlds, cultures and you are placed in this bubble to actually show case yourself .
You would never really understand unless you have been into the house, I can keep on talking but for you to get a grasp of what I am saying…Mampi (Mukape) would understand what I am saying.

Some people were wondering why you could have done that when you were almost enduring to the end?
Well I guess for me, it was a way of expressing feelings to Keagan because I still have a good connection with him. I am just grateful that people perceived me in good light and supported me throughout the reality show but I am sorry to have disappointed my fans by having sex with Keagan.

Why then should you apologise?
I have to apologise because as human beings we come with all sorts of emotions and all sorts of aspects and some are good and bad…it is part of nature it is what makes us human. I owe people an apology if those things that were expected of me did not come through and I do recognise the wrongs.

My intention was to relate to the crowd, be an individual and survive for 91 days. I really just want to appeal to the viewers to sympathise with me because one of the last things I wanted to do is to disappoint the viewers.

Are you hurt to have lost the game?
Yes but it is something that I accept. I accept defeat, I take what is positive from what ever it is and I am moving forward, I will soldier on because there is only one winner and that winner was Keagan probably it was written somewhere in the clouds that Keagan was going to win this so it is what it is…it could have been worse but I am here and grateful for the opportunity and I took everything good from the show.

What next in you life after the show?
Next in my life is I want to venture into arts, graphics, photography, still arts…anything to do with creating something…architecture is my passion hopefully one day I can pursue that but also I am not going to close my doors to any other opportunity, any other door that is going to open music…whatever it is that is going to come my way, I will use it as a stepping stone to get wherever it is I want to get to.

What happened to your university education, did you just stop willingly?
University for me is a complicated situation, there were finances, there was a whole bunch of emotions involved and it is something I intend to go back to and finish.

What were you studying then and what would you like to study if you had an opportunity?
I was doing English in Literature so I could go back and still finish.

Now that you are back home and obviously you are privy to some issues after being closed from the outside world, what is your take on some of the happenings?
I have just heard that there are a lot of women dying (murdered), that is a tragedy, why is it happening? I do not know if it is for rituals or whatever but it is a shame really why must women be killed for that matter. Women are our mothers, why must you kill someone who will nature? So I do not understand to be honest.

Are you a Christian…do you believe in God?
“Yes I am a Christian…but honestly I have not really found a perfect church but I just go where I am invited.

Who inspires you?
I take inspiration from strong women and personalities like First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba…she is a strong woman and I would love to meet her. I take inspiration from Mother Theresa she was calm and loving…Mahatma Ghandi, Barrack Obama, Martin Luther King Nelson Mandela and all the strong personalities and my father (Peter Hayward) and mother Dally Makwawa. He is past and he was a humanitarian and professor. He came down to do research at the university. My parents are both dead they died somewhere in 1993-1994.

My father was American while my mother is Zambian. I was born and bred in Lusaka. My father was very educated and smart focused man and he had a heart for people and taste for knowledge which to some extent I also have and basically that is what inspires me…my mother was fun loving and free spirited woman, everybody liked to be around her and these are words I just get from people. I did not get to know much about them because I was only four or five years old when they died and a kind lady took care of me and I do not think she would be happy if I discussed her, I would need permission from her. My foster mum is such a blessing to me.
Could you have lost the multi-million Kwacha prize game because of the sexual encounters?
Maybe it was written in the clouds that Keagan was going to be the winner. I believe in possibilities and for me there is a possibility that I could have won the game without Keagan and there is a possibility I could have won the game with him…that is their thought…but people were watching and I was not watching myself, it could be true or false because nobody knows the future. It is only God who knows what He has planned for who and maybe this time it was not for me but for South Africa,” she said.

Do you have plans to marry after that intimate encounter in the house and make that necessary lifetime decision?
We are jumping two thousand years here, marriage does not come just like this, let us face reality people will meet and court for even four years and still do not get married. I think it is still very early to ask those questions.

Is there anything you would like to say in conclusion?
I would like to just say thank you to everybody for watching and supporting me and thank you for seeing something good in me and apologies also for disappointing and leeting you down that was not my intention at all these things happen. I am just going to take something good from it.

Author: I would like to thank you for your time and I wish you all the best.
Talia: I am also grateful for the support.

By Chimwamwe Mwale / Zambia Daily Mail


  1. I thought Talia was intelligent but Nobe. In this day and age how can you offer sex in view of millions to show a guy how much you love him? Clearly she still lives in the past considering the social ills we are facing in this day and age. You failed to be a role model to many young girls. If that's what you do in private feel sorry for you!!! Keagan is as filthy and irresponsible as wonder many countries have reservations about this show!!

    1. Hello, u don't come to social networks and run ur mouth this way. What do u do behind close doors? No one knws. The girl has apologised to d world, what else do u want from her? Don't u think u went too far with this God forsaking comments of urs. The bible recorded d account of d prostitute whom people castigated and was about to thrown stones, but Jesus asked that the person without a sin should cast d first stone,low and behold by the time He turned back, no one was found standing. So if God through our Lord Jesus can forgive of such sin how much more we human. This is just a wake up call to u. Stop judging so u won't be judeged.

    2. Am I the only one who is not pleased with this? So why not respond to every comment here? You are the one mentioning God's name here, and I never said they must not be forgiven but this behaviour must not be condoned.

  2. Be what it may, the crime has already happened. She is sorry for having the orgasm/sex broadcasted on television. If God forgives, why can we not forgive her? Life goes on

  3. Talia,you lost respect. Who cheats in front of africa. Sey is a handsome and responsible guy. It was a big mistake. No man will trust you again. You disrespected your sister and her tears paid back. You need God to help change the way people perceive you.

  4. go repent ....u adulterous woman !!!!!! jesus forgives .

  5. she is real...all of you have done WORSE things...just you will never qualify to do great things that she has already tested...face it or...????????

    1. Talia shamed the entire nation how could you fail to hang on just for 3 months?? Even Keagan has no respect for you. He relieved himself and thats it! it ova

  6. Talia my dear you owe nobody an apology but thank you for apologizing. hey you are only human all these pipo talking bad about you are porn stars my gal. concentrate on your future dont stress they ar pipo that love you like meeeeeeeeeeee not matter wat. nibakolwefya pa skanka pakunya! GO talia Go talia we love you mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  7. Mcdavies, asabe, kenneth, bukola,omoniyi...All of u here are just stupid,:what happen isn't ur biz,mcdavies is that the morale u will teach ur children? Yemisi i tot u'll even be more responsible...y'all should just mind ur biz and let them be

    1. Pls tell d bunch of idiots that just get to write something without putting their brains into proper use. What has she done that no one has not done before? Moreover, d act happened in d midnight, what are they looking for at that time watching bigbrother and to imagine no part of this two people were exposed so what is it that africa saw and the advocates are advocating about. My advise to u all is that "don't judge so u won't be judged"

    2. Stop telling people what to write, are we suppose to observe any rules and where is the rule book?? Some issues are bound to stir emotional debates. You have to take a chill pill and stop calling people idiots, while mentioning words from the Bible!!

    3. No need for abusive words, but sincerely Talia pls stop apologizing,the deed is done,and u guys are not the first set to do this on BBA. u are still loved.but...i'd advice that u go back for Keagan cos he seems to really be in love with U,obviously Seydou is not ready to take U back.

  8. Stop telling people what to write, are we restricted by you here to write what you want us to? Some issues are bound to stir emotional debates!

  9. Khadeejah A-TejanAug 25, 2012, 10:18:00 AM

    i c no rison y Talia is jus appologyin 2 ppl itz her lyf she as al ryt 2 do wot eva she wishes 2 do som ppl wil even do worst dan wot Talia did so plzzz let my gal b plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz