Saturday, August 04, 2012

Party: The Last Hoorah

Doing it big is what Biggie is all about, tonight the Housemates were treated to not one but two top African DJ’s at their final official party inside of the Big Brother House.

First up was renowned Nigerian DJ, DJ Exclusive who made a grand return to Upville this evening. He had the StarGamers doing the dougie, booty popping and dropping it low. Of course the Housemates could not deny themselves the opportunity to take part in their favourite dance, the Azonto. Clearly everybody was really feeling the Nigerian DJ’s banging beats as even Lady May joined on the routine. It seems that tonight was the night that the Housemates decided that they had enough of the Namibian’s tendency to isolate herself. Prezzo took it upon himself to drag the segregated songstress to where rest of the StarGame gang was getting their groove on. The StarGamers begged her to dance for them and for once the Starmate was compliant to their requests and happily she broke it down on the floor with them. As for StarGame's newest couple Talia and Keagan, the two were inseparable for most of the evening.

The fun did not end there for the StarGamers in fact it was only just beginning After DJ Exclusive, Ghana’s DJ Champagne then took to the ones and twos and kept the hyper Housemates pumped up into the late hours of the night. All of the dirty dancing clearly got everyone hot and bothered as soon all of the Housemates stripped off the Santa outfits they had donned for the Christmas themed party. The boys flexed their abs while Talia stripped down to a teenie tiny bikini that left very little to the imagination.

Video: Save the last dance

By Lihle / DStv Online

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