Thursday, August 02, 2012

Passionate Jacuzzi Fumble!

Talia and Keagan gave everyone a show in the jacuzzi tonight.

Can you say wowzer? The latest Big Brother StarGame couple heated up the jacuzzi this evening. After Wati and Kyle ditched the jacuzzi, encouraging the two lovebirds to spend some much needed quality time, Keagan did not waste any time and went straight for Talia.

The two kissed passionately for all to see, with their shades on. The two came up for air soon after, took their shades off and then resumed their explosive kissing session.

After a while, Talia pulled back and looked like she was deep in thought. Thinking about Seydou perhaps?

Video: That Kiss!

By NgettyD / DStv Online


  1. talia u go gurl,gv it 2 him dat is d game,team talia

  2. at least talia is better than Goldie