Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rendezvous: Keagan Petersen

Keagan Petersen, 22, a week ago became a millionaire after winning Big Brother StarGame’s $300,000, beating 5 other finalists to it. Only the first South African to ever win the DStv reality show that has been hosted in South Africa for seven seasons now, Keagan had a chat with New Vision's  Nigel Nassar shortly after his win.

So, how does it feels winning all that money?

Man, it feels weird. I look calm and all but hey, my mind is racing. A part of me feels like I am dreaming and I am going to wake up soon, broke as usual. Then another part feels like Biggie might call me back and say they made a mistake. It’s all confusing, man.

Kyle used his head-of-house powers to save you from eviction at a critical time you could have got evicted and lost the money. Don’t you feel like he gave you the money and so you should give him a bit of it?

Kyle was my buddy; I am definitely grateful he saved me. I cannot be sure how the voting would have played out had he not saved me. So, when I come to terms with what just happened, I will figure out a befitting way of thanking him.

I hear after your high school, you went to the U.S to work in hotels and restaurants, so you did not go to university. Is it true?

Yeah, my parents did not think I was mature enough to go to university after high school, so I left. I only got back for Big Brother. 

Now you are loaded and can make own financial decisions. How is the money going to help in studies?

I definitely have to go back to school next year and pursue my degree, man. Information technology is what I am looking at.

You initially said you would share your money with your partner Lee. Are you still going to share?

Our plan was to invest.  But those are dreams that people usually have when presented with a possibility of getting the money. But when the money comes, lots of things are bound to change. So I will look at available options before I make conclusions. But Lee will be a part of whatever I come up with.

Why do you think Africa voted you winner?

I cannot tell. But my strategy was to be real all the way. I never pretended about a thing. If you annoyed me, I took you on. Perhaps staying real impressed them to honour me this way.

You and Talia had sex on TV two days to the end of the show. Couldn’t it have waited?

Everything happened so fast, a lot faster than I can remember. See, when you are in that house, part of your thinking is impaired and without much to do in there, you end up thinking about sex.

Now that it happened. What next for you and Talia?

We found intimate attractions for each other and I am convinced we love each other, at least I am sure I love her. We are going to talk about it to know what next.

But you knew Talia and Seydou had got intimate before Seydou got evicted. Seydou even promised marriage.

Man, I messed up. But like I said, it all happened so fast.

What will you say to Seydou when you first see him?

I do not know. Maybe sorry? But should I say anything? Do you ever mind the guy your girl dated? Well, I might say sorry.

So what happens to the girlfriend you had?

We will see about that, Nigel. For now let me first get done with all this press pressure and then I will think straight.

By Nigel Nassar / The New Vision - Uganda


  1. Kegannnn i luv u so much...buh try 2 do sometin abt talia u guys r so cute 2geda....nd use d moni wisely.

  2. Keagan you really fought for that was not easy so use it wisely and congratulations! We also believe Talia loves you, not often will a girl risk her dignity for someone she cares less about. I wish you two all the Best.

  3. Keagan u nd nt 2 even say sory 2 Sey,he wld hv done it 2 anota,men r just men,al hunt en t lucky 1 shoot en kill..u r t lucky 1,tough luck 4 sey,he must continue hs hunt..

  4. Congrats SA for winning no.1 spot in world cricket ranking after beating England with 52 runs!!! Happy for Greame Smith captaining Proteas with so much love for so many years. May you stay on top.