Friday, August 03, 2012

Roki Wows Zambians

They were both celebrity stars in the Big Brother StarGame Upville house. They were both in the hunt for the US$300, 000 stakes. And they both failed to get their hands on the ultimate prize. But at Government Complex in Lusaka last Saturday, they both succeeded in making the show shimmer with excitement.

While in the house, Zambia’s Mampi and Zimbabwe’s Roki both talked of how they would love to do a song together. The opportunity to share the same stage was presented for the two artistes, and they did just that.

Last Saturday, the two artistes showed that although they failed to claim the US$300, 000 rich Big Brother StarGame, they are still top drawer when it comes to doing what they do best. 

But it was the visiting act from the other side of the Zambezi River that stole the limelight to the extent that by the time Mampi ‘thunder thighs’ was taking to the stage, a relative number of people were seen trooping out of the complex.
Had they stayed on until the end of the show, they would have watched the two artistes they paid for perform the song they recorded together, I will go crazy.

Perhaps the act was a reminder to the organisers that they should have let ‘thunder thighs’ perform before Roki. Talking of saving the best for last! Doing so would really have spiced the show as what is a fact is that most of the people that trouped to the complex were obviously interested in watching Roki and not Mampi, whom they watch ‘every day’. It would have compelled the audience to stay on until Roki’s performance.

But alas! The opposite happened and Roki took advantage of it too, putting the very best in his performance and showing Zambians why he remains top drawer in his native Zimbabwe. Mind you, he has won numerous awards there, and apart from his gifted song writing skills, he is also an exceptional performer.

Apart from coming with his own band for the show, Roki’s performance was simply classy. His stage work, too, was world class as it was clear the artiste had rehearsed quite a great deal with his band as well as his three dancers.

It was also gratifying to see the Zimbabwean artiste do a couple of moon walks as well as some well collaborated moves that were equally top notch. Professor, one of his dancers for the night and has represented Zimbabwe in a number of international dance and choreography competitions, also mesmerised when he, too, put up a mesmerising robot dance.

That is not to say the other dancers, DJ Expensive and Lil Freak, a young lady, did not top the bill though. In fact, they, too, were world class and they demonstrated why rehearsing is important when it comes to live performances.

Roki performed three of his compositions as well as three covers from the likes of D’Banji, P Square and Oliver Mtukudzi. But it was Chidzoka, a funky song he composed and wrote himself, that stood out and seemed to stand out as the fans’ favourite.

Coming to Mampi, she, too, tried to put up a performance she is best known  for but  seemed to have lost it when  she lowered the tempo by performing a number of laid back songs when people where already in party mood.

But on her second stint on the stage, ‘thunder thighs’ – as she was called in the Big Brother house – failed to live up to her billing as this time around, rehearsal lapses were exposed. Initially, the singer was supposed to be backed by the Airpower Band but surprisingly she was backed by the B Sharp Band that seemed not to have had enough time to rehearse.

Dandy Krazy and Macky II also performed as supporting acts. Even though theirs was playback, it was delighting.

By Ndangwa Mwittah / Zambia Daily Mail

Photo: Mampi and Roki during a performance at Government Complex last Saturday. - by Mackson Wasamunu.

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