Sunday, August 05, 2012

Someone Save Me Now - Talia

"Silly little whore", Talia referred to herself as the time progressed on Finale day.

Talia has been a bit shaky all day and every moment she gets, she confides in her beau about how scared she is for tonight.

She reminisced about the day she was upgraded to Upville and Seydou was there in the crowd. "I was going on about how much I love him. Look at me now, silly little whore," Talia said falling short of spanking herself.

Well, Talia is not the only anxious one as the president himself also confessed that today was a different ball game. "I hardly slept," the Masai warrior declared to which the Zambian lass concurred.

Well, Talia why are we not surprised that you haven't been sleeping well lately?

Video: Did You Just Say That?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online


  1. Talia..Talia wht an embarrement to the Zambian community,I wonder were they pick you from!!!

  2. Talia does not deserve to win the money,she might invest in prostitution ZM

  3. If you want to waste you vote then Talia is the right candidate of you choice

  4. From Showerville to bedroom ville and last homeville without a man sorry Talia

  5. Talia is a disgrace no wonder her sister Tamara was fighting her all the time im dissappointed in her to have cheapen herself like that.SHAME TALIA

  6. u all have big mouth