Friday, August 10, 2012

StarGame After Party Photos - Vol 2

Father and Son.
Roki and Edith.
Vimbai and Mpedi (TVSA photographer)
Yadel, Jesica and the trainer exchange numbers.
Jannette aka Small Princess.
Mr and Mrs IK.
Roki and Prezzo.
Roki and Prezzo pose for a pic.
DJ on the deck.
Prezzo points to where Goldie was sitting.
Prezzo explains where he is going before he went to take pics with his supporters.
Roki and Eve.
Photos courtesy of TVSA


  1. prezzo so you had a girlfriend and you were deceiving Goldie

  2. that was a nice show but we want beta next time

  3. pewee D. KolubahAug 10, 2012, 3:18:00 PM

    It was Astonishing when i saw keager walking away with the 300,000USD as the winner of the Big Brother Star Game,i say congratulation bro on your success. And i say to prezzo you i the best man of Africa.

  4. that is not prezzo's sister nor the galfriend.he only has small twin sisters still in primary school.

  5. Keagan should share that money to all the house mate

    1. Why? Which winner of BBA has ever shared their money? Keagan I saw you on Idols SA please look forward and better your life, only God can judge you and use your money wisely, life in SA is very expensive!!!

    2. Ua nyela uena!nxa!!