Saturday, August 04, 2012

Talia In Love Triangle?

What was meant to be undercover is no longer secret that Zambia's hopeful in the Big Brother StarGame Talia is in a compromising love triangle involving two guys Seydou and Keagan.

If you asked for our honest opinion on this latest development, we would not hesitate to tell you that the Zambian has somewhat given away some votes that were supposed to be hers during these romantic days with Keagan.

Talia was until Tuesday night standing among the top three favourites to win this year's life changing US$300,000 but her rating somewhat dropped after she allowed a second man in her life on continental television.

On Wednesday night, drama of the love triangle continued after Prezzo insulted Talia, telling her off that she was a trickster playing with two guys.

Prezzo used unprintable words to describe Talia's behavior; a thing that sparked a heated fracas between the two with Talia hitting back with lower lip biting unprintables as well.

Talia and Keagan were sitting on the box to try and win whatever was in the box. Talia had vowed not to leave it for Keagan but after the exchange of words with Prezzo, she could not stand it and fell off the competition prematurely with tears.

Talia went straight to her bed crying while Keagan followed to see what was up with his newly found love.

"I respect Prezzo for who he is and I love Kenya but calling me a b**ch I can't take kindly... I respected him and I expected him to do the same," said Talia amid sobs.

Keagan was at hand to take advantage of a broken heart. He continued comforting Talia while wiping her tears with a tissue paper.

The romantic consoling took Keagan almost half an hour from around 22:30 to around 23:00 hours. One thing was for sure that Talia was also enjoying every moment.

Keagan tried so hard to steal a kiss from Talia in her weary state but the Zambian girl seemed to have realised that was part of the reason Prezzo insulted her and that she would not give in to Keagan's kiss advances.

She even told Keagan a heart breaking reality that she was feeling for Seydou and asked Keagan to put himself in Seydou's shoes.

This did not go well in the heart of the comforter who took all his time to show Talia love and care when it mattered most.

We still wonder if it was a gimmick to get Talia's attention or it was real that Keagan even had to break-down upon hearing facts that Talia's heart was somewhat out there with Seydou when she actually was lying next to Keagan!

There was drama when suddenly Talia now started comforting the crying Keagan. In his crying state, Keagan was given enough kisses on his forehead from Talia who was trying hard to calm him down.

Keagan continued crying to a point that it was now Talia handing tissue paper to him to wipe his tears.

Around midnight, the two passionately embraced each other under one bed cover though Talia was fully dressed. Talia then turned to face the other side away from Keagan but the South African kept his hands wrapped around the Zambian beauty till morning.

On Friday night, Talia and Keagan spent quite a while in the shower, naked just after midnight.

Wati and Kyle couldn't help their curiosity and tried so hard to get a sneak peek into what was going on in there. The two held each other and kissed passionately for what seemed like forever. Keagan was occasionally seen fixing his towel and wrapping it around Talia as the hanky-panky continued. They later proceeded to the bedroom where they made sweet love.

Only time and votes will tell the upshot of the love triangle; whether positive or negative it will all be known come Sunday.

Sleepless nights are just obvious more especially as days close up to Sunday with minds of those who feel stand a greater chance of winning occupied with imaginary budgets. Unfortunately only one will walk away with the dream coming true in her or his life. Who will this individual be?

Credit: Sam Phiri / Times of Zambia

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  1. Prezzo deserves da quids....he's played well in da house.AFRICA VOTE PREZZO