Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Talia Loves Seydou Not You - Prezzo

Prezzo has told Keagan to stop defending Talia because she probably loves Seydou anyway.

After Talia retreated to the bedroom following her fight with Prezzo, he challenged Keagan and warned him not to step up to him driven by his feelings for Talia.

"I don't care about Talia because she probably cares about Seydou than you. Be well equipped man," the visibly inebriated Prezzo said.

However, Keagan didn't entertain Prezzo and instead laughed in his face and simply ignored him. "It's between you and Talia," Keagan reminded the Kenyan Housemate. He added that he just wanted to see how mature he (Prezzo) was but would rather not stoop to his level.

This seemed to anger Prezzo as he followed Keagan around the lounge, pointing fingers and even a bottle at him. However, reality struck and he remembered that there was US$300 000 at stake with just four days to go.

Though Biggie tried summoning Prezzo to the Diary Room, he blatantly refused to abide.

Is Prezzo losing it or was he provoked?

Video: Don't Test Me Keagan!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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  1. the winner behaves ever like that prezzident deserves tht money ,i bet prezzo was right to k and he is the winner,go go go mr.president.