Friday, August 24, 2012

Talia, Tamara and Mampi Get Welcome Party

Zambia's representatives in the recently ended Big Brother Africa StarGame, won by South Africa's Keagan, last Saturday night got a welcome party at LIV nightclub, Diamonds of Lusaka, along Kafue Road. And it was a welcome party indeed!

With performances from JK, Ma Africa and Mampi, it was a perfect party for the diva herself, Tamara and Talia. Oh, and there was a flurry of adoring fans wanting a close-up with Talia especially.

For the reporters, the question to ask was whether Talia and Keagan have talked about the future of their friendship, particularly after the reality television show, both had said they will be talking things over in the coming weeks.

But an excited brother of her’s, who also claimed to be her manager, was not going to allow questions around. “You can ask anything, but not that subject,” he told this writer even though Talia had appeared willing to discuss the subject.

Talia, Tamara and Mampi arrived at LIV shortly after 21:00 hours, by which time, the place was teeming people. LIV is known for getting busier after 22:00 hours. And even though it did that just last Saturday, it was still relatively busy by 21:00 hours. And with DJ LBC and K-Smash anchoring the function, it was all systems go.

Mampi, who was first to arrive, was obviously more comfortable performing on stage than she was in the Big Brother house. This was familiar ground for her.

However, the first to perform was the kwaito group, Ma Africa. The group, which is under K-Army Records and is known for songs such as Fantasy, Inseparable and Mu Tumba, brought some presence to the stage with its unique dancing style.

JK as usual changed the complexion of the night. He started with acapella performances of such songs as Ba Neighbour. The trip down memory lane was good. Who can forget that album? After what was largely a disappointing second album, which came after that phenomenal self-titled debut album, JK announced and proved that he was no one hit wonder with JK-III, which birthed hit songs like Ba Neighbour, Forever and Chichetekelo.

For most musicians, there is always preference to perform new songs. That is understandable in the world of pop. However, most fans do like these musicians performing some old songs. Who would not want to see JK perform songs like Ka Silimu, Lubine, Balekuzembeleka and Ka Gelo?

By Kelvin Kachingwe / Zambia Daily Mail

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