Friday, August 03, 2012

Task: A Trip Down Memory Lane

How good are the StarGamers memories and how well do they know the ex-Housemates?

That is what Biggie wanted to find out today. For today’s mini Task the Housemates were put through a test of their mental capacities this early afternoon.

On the TV screen appeared scratched out photos of some the 29 exited Housemates the Upvillers then had to guess which Housemate it is. Afterwards the StarGamers had to watch a gallery of photos of some of the many different events that they have had inside of the Big Brother Africa Houses and it was up to them to try and recollect exactly when that moment occurred. They jotted down all of their answers for Biggie and are now waiting to see what prizes he may surprise them with for this challenge.

Just yesterday all of the Housemates were treated to full body massages, what surprise could Big Brother have in store for the Housemates today?

Video: Back down memory lane

By Lihle / DStv Online


  1. I am praying for Keagan to win. He will take care of the poor child Talia. She needs a caring man in her life. I love those two.

  2. Enjoy, love and don't worry Talia. People always have an opinion. Its abt u & Keagan full stop.

  3. Talia and Keagan mustbe suround themselves with people who are not jealous of them. That way they'll make it. They look so good together.

  4. They must avoid haters and concentrate in making their relationship work!