Friday, August 03, 2012

United By Music

The saying "music unites people" always rings true in the House.

While the Housemates were playing cards in the lounge, Prezzo hit a few notes, which drew Lady May's attention and she was curious about the meaning of the lyrics.

Lady May never mingles with the rest of the Housemates unless there's a Task.

Though she had an idea of what the song means, Prezzo broke it down for her; "It's sang when people are winding their waistline."

Prezzo's analysis concluded that the song was basically sung during a dance moment like the usual "go down, go down."

Meanwhile, Kyle also asked Lady May about the meaning of her hit song "Ndota". She explained to the Ugandan Housemate that she had modernized a traditional game played in the villages. "I made it funky to fit with the modern times," Lady May said.

Seemingly all the Finalists have some kind of music influence; Prezzo and Lady May are artists, Kyle is an aspiring Rapper, Talia sings and Wati is a guitarist. That leaves us with Keagan who might as well be Talia's cheerleader. Africa is definitely left with a House of Music!

Video: United in Song!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane / DStv Online

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