Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What About Seydou?

Talia told Keagan maybe her feelings for Seydou are not as deep as she thought they were.

As Keagan and Talia continued talking this morning on their individual beds, Keagan ditched his bed and joined Talia in hers. Talia made a half-hearted attempt at kicking him out, but decided to chill since Keagan was not budging.

When Keagan asked her how she feels, Talia told him "Maybe my feelings for Seydou are not as deep as I thought they were, otherwise this would not be happening," she said. Keagan told her he would not force her to do anything she does not want. He then made himself comfortable on top of Talia.

Meanwhile, Seydou's pictures are plastered all over the wall above Talia's bed. What now?

Video: Seydou?

By NgettyD / DStv Online

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  1. what if Seydou is?u think he really cares?besides everybody cheats.lets just be realistic.