Monday, August 06, 2012

Where Did Prezzo Get It Wrong?

Angry Kenyan BBA fans vented their frustrations on twitter and facebook after rapper Prezzo was evicted from the House last night, in a tense finale that saw South African contestant Keagan announced as winner.

Hopes that had built to a crescendo when it was just Prezzo and Keagan left in the Upville house, but they were quickly dashed when the musician was asked to leave.

Prezzo got two country votes compared to Keagan's whopping seven, which earned him a grand prize of about KSh25 million.

But as the anger subsided several good-luck wishes were relayed to the 4sho 4shizzy singer, congratulating him for almost winning the show, including from Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta's Presidential campaign team.

Where did it go wrong?

Former BBA contestant Sheila Kwamboka thinks that Prezzo's downfall may have been because of conflict in the house.

"He made too many enemies, and that's what worked against him," she told Capital Lifestyle.

"A lot of Africans genuinely liked him. He was cool, and an entertainer, but was disliked because of the fights he had in the house, especially with Barbz from South Africa."

Another former Kenyan contestant Nick Wagondu meanwhile said that Prezzo played the game well and Kenyans should accept the vote.

"It must be hard for him to have come so close and then lose. There's more to it than voting. Maybe we'll get it next year," he said.

Prezzo did not walk away from the competition empty-handed; he was given a big-boy scooter, a PVR decoder and the title of Ambassador for the ONE campaign against hunger. 

By Laura Walubengo / Capital FM - Nairobi


  1. Prezzo has done Kenya proud. Even Sheila never got that close and Nick was evicted I think in the second week. Alex was evicted in the first wee. Lets give credit where it is due. Congratulations Prezzo

  2. Sheila from Kenya is 100% right. Prezzo messed his game by just hating and going after people for no apparent reason. She underestimated the dignity of others and that did not settle well with many people. He gave many people reasons to dislike him. In the beginning I had so much respect for him but his attitude towards certain housemates made me to loose respect for him. He is a celebrity, so why behave like ordinaries?

    1. Prezzo was just being real, no point of pleasing pple at the expense of his happyness. Sheila never got close twice

    2. It is true. Prezzo promised to show Africa his good side, instead he amplified his negative attributes. His quarels were childish and hurtful.

  3. I dont know why he thinks he can just walk all over people especially women?

  4. Sipmple they allow to be walked over