Sunday, August 05, 2012

Winner: Keagan Takes It!

Keagan is the new Big Brother Africa champion.

After a crazy 91 days locked in the Big Brother House with total strangers, South Africa's Keagan walks away with USD 300 000.

Keagan clowned his way to the hearts of millions across Africa, who voted him the StarGame champion. After a nerve wrecking wait in the lounge, the two Housemates were finally put out of their misery by IK. The South African Housemate could not believe it when his name was called out.

Prezzo, looking suave in a tuxedo, sat dejected in a corner of the lounge and was eventually whisked off to the Live Finale Stage. The Kenyan should be proud of himself for holding his own, throughout a very challenging 91 days in the House. Keagan was clearly stunned by the news and sat in the lounge with his head in his hands. He paced about, clearly still shocked at his sensational win.

Looks like someone has added some much deserved zeros to his bank account!

By NgettyD / DStv Online


  1. well done Talia you did yourself proud. Dontbother your self about all the negativity you will receive. I dont think Keagan is the guy for you. It was really stressful moments and you were given the attention and fellfor it. You are so smart and educated Zeydou is the man for you. Even not one of the two is finemy seetheart!!! mwah

  2. Talia, Talia, you shouldn't have betrayed handsome, Seydou.

  3. Well done keagan u nail it and take good care of talia, dont let her down