Sunday, September 09, 2012

BBA Fans Miss Prezzo and Keagan the Most

It's 35 days since Big Brother StarGame ended but some of the ardent followers of the BBA reality show still miss their favourite housemates for various reasons.

The Kenyan warrior is being missed for what fans call entertainment and humuor he brought to the show, his love affair with Nigeria's Goldie, fights with with other housemates among other factors.

StarGame winner Keagan is equally being missed on the screen because of the way he conducted himself on the show and his relationship with Talia which brought him closer to a big part of the audience.

A few other housemates are also being missed because of their different characters while others are long forgotten and hardly ring a bell in people’s ears. Here is what some of the fans had to say about who they missed the most on the show;

"Mostly, I miss Keagan, and not forgetting Talia. They are very warm and loving people. They ought to be be together forever" Elizabeth Maria Falama.


"Missed Eve in Upville and I still wonder how it was goona be" Evelyn Sanyu.

"Miss………. king Keitta" Eugene Khaled Essilfie.

"I miss Keagan and Talia" Kayroon Karrim.

"Miss Keagan, Wati P, Kyle, still having withdrawel symtom’s lol" Leonie Meryl McCulloch.

"Seydoooooooouuuuuuu" Nkeonye Maha.

"I miss The President ……he brought action to the house and that is what BBA is all about l wish we could have his highlights put together …..remember the fight with Barbs,Dkb,When he fought with Kigen and said he sees his hair style looking like zengng…n,Talia ….Ha the Seydeu part….the act where he was told to act like lady May……..Ha……., his love relationship with Goldie and fights…….Kyle and Prezzo playing carwith and using Ugandan acent……..hey his diary session with the Big Boss……..Prezzo's stories that they shared with Roki about the shorties in the house and their gossip about DKB…….the fight with. Wati when he stole Prezzo's Beer and Zinab's tricking Prezzo that she loves him……oh the list is long….Prezzo was the Big brother star game……one can create a movie just from his highlight……he was what was up!" Charity Gatheru.


"Miss The president aka prezzo , the kenyan warrior" Selma Hanghome.

Well, those are the opinions from some BBA fans. While some of them miss particular housemates, others can’t even stand the sound of particular housemates' names!

Lets share here, which StarGamer(s) do you miss the most?

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