Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Denrele Opens Up On BFF Goldie

Nigerian Channel O VJ Denrele Edun admits that he was shocked by Goldie's 'so soft' side in the Big Brother house. Denrele who has been Goldie's best friend for almost five years says that he was really shocked to realise that there was so much that he did not know about her.

"I always assumed that I knew my friend so well but the Goldie I saw on TV was something else. I even started watching it seriously just to see what else I had missed on her for those five years that we have been close friends" Denrele revealed. 

Denrele, who was among the entourage that went to the airport to pick Goldie on her arrival from South Africa admits that he also had a hard time explaining Goldie's soft side to her fans in her absence.

"It was not easy for both of us but I remember the first thing I told her on arrival at the airport 'Everything will be ok'" he said. 

Goldie on the other hand says that she acted naturally and the person that the whole of Africa saw was her. "People are used to seeing Goldie the entertainer forgetting that I'm a normal woman. What you saw on TV is the ordinary me," she said.

By Catherine Mukei / The Star - Kenya

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