Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goldie Visits Prezzo In Kenya

Singer Susan Harvey popularly known as Goldie from Big Brother StarGame is in Nairobi. After Prezzo visited Nigeria and poured out his heart for her, she has decided to return the favour.

Last Saturday, Goldie jetted into Nairobi and was received by none other than on and off boyfriend Prezzo. It seems their relationship is back on track. Her arrival was totally kept silent from the media. She was also welcomed by former housemate Millicent Mugadi.

According to a local Goldie said she would be around for a week or so adding that she will be here recording some music. She did although hint that her and Prezzo might be making music together.

Shortly after her arrival at midnight, Goldie's luggage was bundled into Prezzo's waiting car and headed to a hotel where she will be staying. The smile of Prezzo at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was so illuminating and bore tales of a man in love.

Goldie confirmed that perhaps a wedding may be expected in the near future. "There is no reason for me to rush things with my sweetheart, if it's meant to be, it will be." 

Credit: Liz Njuguna / Ghetto Radio - Kenya / Agencies


  1. Let then hatin Naijas Rott in Jehanam

  2. Happy for you guys.

  3. wel i think Goldie is making a big mistaken that guys is always going to be thr same way he was in big brother house.she wont be happy.but if its Gods wish so be it.al the best gally

  4. Wishing Goldie the best.

  5. Go on Goldie......it will work gal......

  6. where the 419 nigerians @?no more comments?go fuck ya selves.love goldie n prezzo n hate all those who hate them.......go fuck ya selves