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Goldie Was a Great Woman - Prezzo

He is popularly known as Prezzo but his real names are Jackon Makini. His stint at this season’s BBA StarGame left a mark on his career especially his relationship with Nigeria’s Goldie. Below are excerpts of his interview with the Beat reporter in Nairobi. He talks about his music, life in the BBA and thereafter.

Why are you called The President?
Naturally I’m a leader.  I’m never a disciple in whatever I do. I always try to be the first caller and I would never follow others. That’s why they call me the president. When you have a big name as a president, you have to live by the standard. You don’t settle for anything less, and for me, I didn’t call myself the President. It was a name given to me by other people.

What influenced your choice to participate in the BBA?
Experience. I have always wanted to be part of a reality show. And when the opportunity came to me, I grabbed it. I went there to represent my country. While in the house, I know there were people who were watching  the show, and as a public figure, I feel I have a responsibility to the young ones who looked up to me. I had to refrain from certain issues, just to set a good example out there for the youths. But whenever things went out of hand in the house, I had to address issues as they came.,

Is it true that you revolutionised Kenya’s music industry?
I brought  glamour and style into the Kenyan music industry. I also brought show into the business. Before my emergence in the Kenyan music scene, people believed that  to become a successful musician, you have to come from the ghetto. Though I was born and raised in the ghetto, I always wanted to define things in my own way. So, by the time I started pursuing my career in music, I was blessed enough to add glitz and glamour into Kenyan showbiz. I didn’t actually change; rather I carried on with the glitz and glamour that I brought into the industry.

It is widely believed that you were born silver spoon in your mouth, how did that affect your life?
I wasn’t born with a silver spoon; rather I was born and raised in the ghetto. I was brought up in the ghetto called the ‘Slave’. My growing up wasn’t very easy at all. But God blessed my parents and I had to use their wealth to my advantage. Though I depended on my parents up to the level when I finished College, then, I started hustling for myself since 2003.

You got married in 2008, what happened to your marriage?
My wife wasn’t comfortable with the music industry and all that goes with it.  It was a struggle then  to keep my marriage even though I dated my wife for thirteen years before we got married before we  relocated to Canada. My marriage started having a crack after I became a star. I believe everything happened for a reason, I still respect and love her because she gave birth to a beautiful girl for me. She will always be the mother to my daughter. I talk to her all the time because of our daughter.

Why did Goldie advise you to go back to your wife while in the house?
It is actually difficult for an outsider to understand the cause of a particular action unless the person witnessed it. So, for Goldie, she has good intention. But only me knew what transpired between us.

How would you describe your relationship with Goldie?
It was a perfect relationship. And, Goldie is a caring woman. She took care of me, just as I also took care of her. We stood side by side with each other. She kept me going in the house, and I want to believe I kept her going as well.

Was there any intention to take the relationship beyond the house?
That’s what I was hoping. I think Goldie is a very wonderful woman. She is a smart lady, and moreover, she knows how to take care of a man. I can’t point accusing figures at her nor can I do the same thing at myself. I just think that the environment in which we found ourselves then was actually responsible for my misunderstanding with her.

But you know, when you are outside the house, and you have a woman. If you have an argument with her you can choose to drive out in order to get some things off your mind. But when you are in the BBA house, you are stocked into whatever that is in the house.

It’s unfortunate that things turned out the way they did. I have no regret for knowing Goldie, or having anything to do with her in the house. I wish her all the best at all times.

Do you have any projects in mind right now?
I intend to do a video for my new song titled “My City, My town”. I ‘m actually working with one of Nigerian artistes called, Clarence Peters. He does very good videos and I look forward to working with him.

Source: The Citizen - Tanzania

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