Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Didn't Endorse John Mahama - DKB

I have noticed with worrying consent how a news item carrying information claiming I endorsed President John Mahama for the 2012 elections which is causing serious havoc to my personality.

I was recommend as an MC for the launch of VFM (Volunteers For Mahama) due to my expertise in manning events with humorous antics of which I delivered to satisfaction. I would not run away from those comments I made, I totally own up to them. However I need to clear the air on this issue; I was an MC not a volunteer,

As an MC I must endeavour to not only inform the audience but entertain them as well since the event was intertwined with musical performances hence I did politically related jokes with ONLY the purpose of entertaining the audience and nothing more but to my surprise the joke was taken out of context and it metamorphosized into highly politically motivated sentiments, which I deem too far fetched since its purpose was misconstrued.

I am only an entertainer and have no affiliation with any political party in other words I was on the podium doing my job. I don’t have my name in any political party’s record as a member, affiliate,endorser, sympathizer etc therefore my utterances carry no political weight.

Furthermore you would realise I gave frivolous reasons why I would rather John Mahama because he uses an i pads and blackberry therefore he is as youthful as I am and also juxstaposing my violence scandal against the “all die be die” mantra etc all these I said with no touched of seriousness but only to evoke laughter, frankly blackberries, ipad and mantras are not good enough reasons why I would endorse a political party. I respect everyone’s affinity for their respective political parties and I would never say anything to deliberately provoke or disrespect them its rather unfortunate my purpose for the comments was overstretched.

By OMG Ghana

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