Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I Never Attended Secondary School - Confidence Reveals

Socialite and Entrepreneur Confidence Haugen has revealed a life time secret she has kept to herself all this while about her private life on national Television.

Glamorous and sexy Confidence disclosed on Friday evening during a live interview with Dzifa Smith on e-TV Ghana’s “Late Night Celebrity Show” that she never attended secondary school.

A viewer of the program sent a text to the hostess to “Ask Confidence which secondary school she attended?” Confidence smiled in shock and Dzifa asked why she was smiling and when she was about to answer a follow up question came from another viewer who wanted Confidence to tell a secret nobody knows about her.

Confidence smiled again and said “Ok I never attended secondary school. That is my secret”. The hottest Dzifa who thought Confidence was joking probed further and Confidence repeated herself adding that “Yes I never attended a secondary school. I started hustling from JSS (Now JHS) and that was it. It is not like I didn’t want to attend secondary school but I didn’t have the means so I started hustling”, she revealed.

The CEO of Aphrodisiac Night Club and Ghana’s representative in last year’s Big Brother Amplified who couldn’t believe she has just revealed the biggest secret of her life on TV became very emotional and started shaking with her eyes filled with tears. The hostess had no choice than to pause for a commercial break for Confidence to put herself together.

It is however, interesting how someone who only had basic education has being able develop and educated herself into the glamorous businesswoman Confidence Haugen we know today.

Aside running the biggest and most consistent night club in Ghana for several years now and has successfully opened another branch in Ashanti regional capital Kumasi last December, she still remains the most popular and most respected housemate to represent Ghana in the Big Brother house since its inception.

In a bid to empower herself, Confidence recently graduated from the London Academy of Media, Film and Television where she studied Television Presenting, Acting and Media both theory and practical.

This was after she had her first TV Presenting experience as the co-host on the red carpet at this year’s Ghana Music Awards and to also gain more knowledge to be able to fulfill her dream of hosting her own Television show.

She has also studied other courses in other educational institutions both in Ghana and abroad.

Confidence who was in the UK for over three months is presently back in Ghana to launch her new Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories brand on Sunday September 9, 2012 at the Aphrodisiac Night club.

By Eugene Osafo-Nkansah / Peacefmonline.com - Ghana

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