Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is DKB Leaving Pluzz FM to Prava Radio?

Ghana's rep to Big Brother StarGame as in the news again. The comedian of laugh a minute show and the host of It runs through the family was spotted at the office of the General Manager of Pravda FM last Wednesday.

DKB who was on Pluzz FM with Dr. Pounds on the drive show with his comedy was all of a sudden lost on air. We didn’t hear him anymore after his two months stay there. Could it be that DKB is moving from Pluzz FM to Pravda FM? The truth about this story is still under investigation.

DKB is known for his comedy from laugh a minute and to Pluzz radio on their drive time show and we can only imagine how the madness with comedy that would be on air like he used to do at Pluzz FM.


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