Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lilanda, Osborne Seek To Pacify Mampi and Kay

The recent wrangles between Mampi and Kay have been tabloid folder for weeks now.

The argument as to who started it has caused two camps to emerge – Team Mampi and Team Kay and the argument has taken root on twitter and facebook.

This was after a physical fight between the two musicians at the Lusaka Playhouse during rehearsals for a concert when a long standing feud between the two divas ended in a slap-and-claws session.

However, many have spoken out about how the problem does not lie with who started the fight but the fight itself.

Veteran female artistes have also spoken out and urged the two artistes to bury the hatchet.

Jane Osborne and Maureen Lilanda are undoubtedly etched as Zambia’s favourite song birds thus they are better placed to give some much needed advice to Kay and Mampi.

The disappointment felt by Jane Osborne over the fight is evident in her voice.

“I was disappointed when I read about it because they are sending out a very bad message to people.”

Jane said adding that God has blessed them with great talent to make people happy and forget their problems but the two are using it in a bad way instead of setting up a good example for their fans.

“I am a fan of both of them but I am disappointed that they are wasting their God given talent , my advice would be for them to make up and even work together instead of selling themselves negatively.”

The legendary Jane’s advice that there is no need to fight is timely and has been reiterated by Maureen ‘Lupo’ Lilanda.

Maureen emphasises the need for artistes to be humble citing her Christian beliefs as the basis for her advice.

“Even we older female artistes have had beefs but we have learnt to be diplomatic because you will at some point work together whether you like it or not,”she said.

Maureen added that as a Christian she has learnt to ignore people who she does not get along with and that she believes in one staying true to one self.

“There is no need to out-do yourself, concentrate on what you are doing well as an artiste.”

Maureen further adds that in as much as competition makes you stronger there is no need for physical confrontation or petty jealousy about material possessions.

The two legends have spoken and a well-known Zambian proverb says that a child who does not hear when little is uttered will never hear when a lot is said.

We only hope that the two artistes will heed the advice readily given to them by two of the country’s music legends.

It is worth noting that being a female artiste already comes with a lot of prejudice and misconceptions and having two highly prolific artistes fight is damaging to the industry.

As Jane Osborne says, talent must never be misused or it can be taken away so put back those claws and compete musically not physically.

By Nancy Handabile - Times of Zambia

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