Monday, September 17, 2012

Mampi and Exile Still Big Enemies?

"Those who dig a hole and scoop it out fall into the pit they have made," reads Psalms 7 verse 15. This happens to be the same Bible text that singer Exile rudely asked Mampi to study when she gets booted out from the Big Brother StarGame (BBA).

This was after Exile breathed fire following Mampi’s disturbing comments while in the Big Brother House on the song Wakumbali and the reply she made without Exile’s express permission.

In reaction to Mampi’s comments, the fuming exile wrote on his Facebook page: “Mampi mwaiche, I think as sm1 who has been in this business 4 a while u shld know that lies and deciet can only get u so far.u illegally sang n performed a song i clearly told u not to but u still went ahead n sang it.

“U were 4given a long time ago bt then 2day(to my suprise) i see u on bba openly bragging about your crime. Shame on u mwaiche,u were given the benefit of doubt but now its very obvious that u r very delusional.

“I feel sad 4 this kid coz she just can’t stop lying, even on international t.v shuwa. Psalm 7:15, when u come back, read this verse.”

About two months after Mampi’s return from the Big Brother House, it is not yet clear if Mampi heed Exile’s advice to read the scripture.

This reporter asked Mampi not only about this but also if she and Exile have put aside their personal differences in the interest of the development of the local music industry.

“Well, I have not done any of those,” came Mampi’s response.

But the Chimo ni Chimo singer emphasized that she and Exile have never been enemies. She claimed that some people are just “blowing the issue out of proportion.”

It was difficult to get Exile’s side of the story as the Siku Yalelo singer apparently kept ignoring his ringing mobile phone.

The track in question, Wakumbali, was originally done by Exile and his wife Nalu and was released in 2005. In the song, Nalu was complaining about her man’s extra-marital affairs. But in the reply which apparently didn’t have neither Exile’s nor Nalu’s blessings, Mampi justified the extra-marital affairs which Nalu was complaining about. It also contained other lyrics were considered as controversial by some listeners and even Nalu herself.

The two parties then had some differences although no serious media attention was attracted.

Before late, several other artistes made replies to the song. Todate, Wakumbali might be the most replied to track in the history of Zambian music.

Exile also known as Kangwa Kapamba like Mampi whose real name is Miriam Mukape is undoubtedly one of Zambia’s most accomplished singer, producer and song-writer.

Both have worked with almost all seasoned artistes. Exile who was last year recognised as the most featured artist came to the scene 8 years with an album he named “So lucky.”

He has since released 3 more albums namely “Siku Yalelo”,”Nkungulume” and “7 days”.

Source: The Supreme Times Newspaper - Zambia

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