Friday, September 28, 2012

Prezzo Past, Present and Future

Tony Mochama digs into the past and present and future of different celebrities. This week he gives us the star-scope of musician and former Big Brother Africa housemate Jackson Makini, aka Prezzo.

The past
Prezzo’s story starts somewhere in the middle of 2004, when he makes that infamous chopper hop to Carnivore — thus single-handedly launching the local celebrity ‘high-flying’ culture.

Soon, scandal, groupies and bling are dogging his every move, as his love partners are put under the glare of the media microscope, club drama rapturously reported and high living lavishly laid out, magazine-esque.

The present
Along comes Big Brother, the 2012 StarGame, and it becomes the media vehicle that will redeem Prezzo’s image in the eyes of very many Kenyans – and resurrect him. Although el Presidente doesn’t win the $ 300 000, he wins the hearts of many in Africa .

The future
Starscope sees Prezzo doing a memoir called Big Bro Prezzo in the near future, going into politics, and becoming the Kanjora of Kilimani in Nairobi by 2013.

He will hope one day Prezzo will marry Goldie, the Nigerian, and move to Abuja where he will set up as a businessman.

But a scandal called ‘Golden-Butt’ will erupt in West Africa, and Prezzo will flee back to Kenya in 2044 — and release his first song for decades with the lyrics: “Abuja hakuna avunja…Naija si Kenya”

By Tony Mochama / StandardMedia

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