Monday, September 24, 2012

Why I Love Keitta - Mildred

It seems the love relationship between 25-year-old musician Mildred Ashong, known in showbiz as Eazzy, and her 22-year-old model lover Keitta Ossei is one meant for marriage as the two are not letting go despite reports of intense family pressure.

Keitta is younger brother to hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone and dust is yet to settle on reports that Reggie is not too pleased about the love relationship between his kid brother and Eazzy.

One of these reports carried by said, “Things are getting messy as Reggie Rockstone and Mildred seem not to be seeing eye to eye on anything….News coming from beneath the carpets of Reggie Rockstone and Eazzy’s homes say that there have been several sightings of Eazzy with other men about town including an unnamed footballer and boxer.

Eazzy is rumored to have a long underground romance with this same boxer.”

The reports added, “The rekindling of these romances have angered Grand Papa (Rockstone) who is incensed at the way Eazzy seems to be playing his little brother Keitta like a little soft ball…And everybody concerned about Keitta has been calling for the breakdown of their relationship after they saw how Eazzy ordered and shut down Keitta on national TV some time back.

It became apparent that she was the boss of young boy Keitta.”

Though Eazzy was quick to deny the reports, Reggie is yet to go public with a response; that is if he has any. But recent reports on the two showed that Eazzy had introduced Keitta to her family and the two were most likely to get married anytime soon.

The two were sighted together at a couple of functions recently including the Legends and Legacy Ball organized to honor Amakye Dede, and the premiere of Yvonne Nelson’s ‘Single & Married’ movie. The two happily posed for the paparazzi.

According to Eazzy, she loved Keitta because he was a gentleman (despite his age) and knew how to treat a lady. She explained that when their relationship was not in the public domain, it was more peaceful and fun. “I would only date a guy whom I can take home. I don’t date for fun. And yes I can take Keitta home to meet my mum.

[As a] matter of fact, he’s met her already….I’m not the jealous kind of person. My job has trained me to know what comes along with fame.

I understand his fans and trust he will relate to them as fans and nothing more,” Eazzy told Glitz when talking about her lover boy.

The Famous Bonking

The relationship between Keitta and Eazzy raised eyebrows of an international audience when the two were in the Big Brother Africa Stargame reality competition and reportedly had sex on live TV.

Eazzy was quick to deny they had sex, though she admitted they were making love; but portions of the video downloaded via social media and circulated in Ghana showed Keitta on top of Eazzy with her legs spread open as they lay in the missionary position, enjoying a passionate French kiss while caressing and fondling.

Though they had a blanket on, half of their bodies were exposed and Eazzy’s naked thighs, hips and legs were very visible. Keitta also had his bare back showing, with the blanket covering his waist downwards.

While they were still kissing, Eazzy pulled the blanket over them properly as Keitta was still on top of her. Keitta’s waist was then seen moving up and down several times, making viewers believe he was thrusting his lady love.

Source: News-One - Ghana

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