Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Botswana's Zeus Moves To SA To Pursue Music Career

Former Big Brother Africa Amplified housemate Game Bantsi popularly known as Zeus  has relocated to South Africa to pursue his music career.

Zeus expects the Rainbow Nation to be his gateway to the rest of the world.

The one-time Channel O award-winner, also a nominee with his Dancing Shoes project this year, is convinced awareness in that country was already ripe following his award, previous nominations and his BBA stint, and foresees a successful venture.

“The catch is you have to follow the buck as an entrepreneur, you have to follow where the money is and where there is opportunity for growth as well,” he told the Africa Review.

The award-winning hp hop whizz, however, said he was not turning his back on Botswana.

“I’ll never ignore Botswana as a base, both for economic activity and social presence,” he explained.

He warned his fellow countrymen: “We should never be so landlocked and become mind-locked and start thinking ‘it’s here or nothing’.”

New audience

Zeus said his fifth nomination for a Channel O award came at the right time. He had previously been nominated for the 2008, twice in 2009, in 2010 and this year editions of the prestigious awards.

Interestingly, Zeus was nominated for his video DancingShoes, a project that was an experiment and considered a big gamble for him.

He is in the running for the Most Gifted African: South video award and the winner will be announced on November 17 at the Walter Sisulu Square in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“It says a lot about my consistency in terms of the quality that we keep putting out,” he said.

He is persuaded that Dancing Shoes had won him a new audience although it was a new venture and a big gamble on an artistic level.

“It has broken the mold in terms of how people perceive me; I don’t want to live in a box. I don’t want to be bound to a genre and to me that means going across the board,” he concluded.

After his stint on Big Brother Africa last year, Zeus collaborated with Malawi’s Lomwe on the 'Double Wowza' hit and the video of the song is getting airplay on Channel O.

The duo have also released three radio singles while the whole project will be available for download on an upcoming Double Wowza website.

By Mtokozisi Dube / Africa Review

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