Sunday, October 07, 2012

Get To Know Weza's Favourite's List

We all have items, songs and even food we prefer over others and these form part of our favourite’s list. This week AfricaMagic spoke to former Big Brother Amplified Housemate Weza Solange about some of her favourite things and this is what she had to say.

Q. What is your favourite food from home and your favourite delicacy in South Africa?

A. My favourite food from home is funge de carne seca, which is basically Pap (made the Angolan way, with meat and leaves). My Favourite in South Africa is samp with tripe and beans. I like popular traditional food.

Q. What’s your favourite place in the world that you would love to live?

A. New York or Milan, I still can't decide between the two because they are both beautiful cities! I do feel that in about five years, I'm going to change this answer to Luanda; Angola. I’m not being biased but it's turning into an amazingly beautiful city.

Q. Favourite pair of shoes and why?
A. Gianmarco Lorenzi. His shoes make me feel powerful, on top of the world. They are beautiful, stylish and super comfortable!

Q. How many pairs of shoes do you think you have in total?

A. The last time I counted I had 170 pairs of shoes that was last year! It’s an addiction I'm still trying to control..LOL!

Q. What’s your fondest childhood moment?

A. Playing hide and seek on the streets with my neighbours in Angola. We were about 50 kids and it would take the whole day till the game was over. I’m sure the parents loved it too, it was the only time they had peace and quiet in the house!

Weza also stars on popular tele-novela Inkaba where she plays the role of Fumi, a model and hustler in the big world of fashion.

Q. What is it like being on Inkaba?

A. Being in Inkaba and playing Fumi has been a gift from God! Not only have I found passion I did not know I had, but I'm learning things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life!
I feel extremely blessed for being given such a chance, it's was a huge risk which payed off.

Q. What has been your favourite moment on Inkaba?

A. The fights between Fumi and Nothando! They are so much fun to shoot, my co-star Nompilo and I always burst out laughing at the end of the scene at how silly our characters get!

Q. What’s your favourite African jam at the moment?

A. D Banj’s Oliver Twist. I Love this song! It gets me jumping every time.

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By Ayanda Kunene / AfricaMagic

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  1. Weza you are settling well in Inkaba, Dumisani is agreat actor and you are doing well next to him.