Saturday, October 13, 2012

How Upset Should Maneta Be About The Maneta Song?

Fada Wemangoma has come up with a song that says some really uncomplimentary things about a girl called Maneta.

Now if he had simply named a random girl Maneta much as he could use a random crutch like Tendai or Blessing, that would be all very well and good. That could have been his argument. Maneta by the way was a Zimbabwean character on Big Brother StarGame who was disqualified together with fellow countryman Roki for violence.

Except, Fada, has gone on to mention her in the song and says some rather cruel things based on insinuations. In essence he calls her a drunken man-eating slut who should be trashed.

Now, one can say all they like about Maneta’s shortcomings but this might just cross the line. It is an easy way to make money by saying controversial things about people but is it even necessary? Beyond that, how much of what he is saying in the song is actually true?

Fada says in the song that he has nothing against Maneta but he is only speaking the truth. Fact of the matter is, how is this his truth if you are to look at it as an artist. There is difference between satire and the point when we take cheap shots at people because we can. We believe somewhere along the line, creativity stopped. There is a thing called decency.

Of course Maneta could take this and use it to her advantage. The song keeps her in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Nothing is said about the fact that she is writing he first exam today and that she is actually less controversial than her Big Brother Africa persona. But then again, she has a riddim named after her.

It’s real out there…

Check out the video for the Maneta song below.

If you are unable to view the video on this site, click here to watch it on Youtube.

By Three Men On a Boat


  1. Elton John and other famous artists wrote and sang songs with girls s name and it was just names came in mind when they wrote their song

    Maybe even fada (I dnt even know the artist) has just pick a name and coincidentally so the name had to be maneta

    Maneta should get over herself and remember that she is not the only maneta in this world. She even getting in to my nerves with her behaviour

  2. This fool is just not creative wanting to ride on Maneta's image to make money for his stupid song...idiot!