Friday, October 26, 2012

I Am Not Dating Prezzo! - Goldie Cries Out

Are these two celebrities ever serious? or they're just toying with us? Read what Goldie said about Prezzo below and share your thoughts.

"I am not dating Prezzo! The state of things between us is the same state of things between me and anyone in Big Brother. We are all friends. I didn't go to Kenya to see him. I went there for an event. People are just assuming there's something going on between us because we are not speaking. Well, everybody is just working for the soap opera that will never come." she said.
Prezzo and Goldie at a Channel O event [Photo by: Multichoice]


  1. Like serzli Goldie....u r d biggest joker of d year 2012!!!mehn u r so obsessed wif dat Prezo guy!I find it difficult to bliv dat u guys aint datin bur if dats wat u say....kul!

  2. Hmmm Goldie na wa o...b4 we knw it we did hear u guyz r gettin married

  3. are u criaz goldie......... U were all over prezzo wat happend????????

  4. Prezzzzzzo, whn u comin to Zim or SA????? Masai wariour

    1. Visit where?? He said he had a wife and a mansion. Maybe Goldie discovered that Prezzo is a fraud!!

  5. You just want fame,but you will neva get it.stick to your Nigerian roots. That's why you two neva won the mighty BB

  6. Ahem....but u went to New York with him, u were allover him in the house u cant tell us all those feelings were swept under the carpet just like dat, good or bad hes the best thing that will ever happen to u...forgiveness works!