Saturday, October 06, 2012

Kyle Shown Lots Of Love By Nabisunsa Girls

He is known as Mr. Nice Guy, he is known for being so sweet, in fact Goldie once cried in his hands during the Big Brother StarGame. Kyle Duncan Kushaba must have carried the same spirit to Nabisunsa Girls School in Kampala, Uganda where he was invited as the Guest of Honour at a Talent show.

While signing autographs, tens and tens of girls began surrounding Kyle requesting for his cap, watch and arm bands. Being the nice guy he is, he agreed to their requests. Kyle who was sweating profusely was only rescued by a Teacher. By The time the teacher came, Kyle had given out his belt, his wallet minus the dimes and was about to give out his shoes.

A Nabisunsa Girl who remains anonymous confided in us saying, "When you see a hot popular dude like Kyle in a single sex school, oohh God you feel carried away with those butterflies in the stomach."  Kyle on the other hand seems to have been happy that at least the teenagers really feel him and look to him as a great role model. We all remember when they screamed upon seeing him at the Mirinda Miss teen event on the same day as the Big Brother Star Party at BodaBoda Restaurant, Garden City.

Credit: Ian Ortega /

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