Friday, October 05, 2012

Mampi Thrills Old Chez Ntemba

Windhoek — The Old Chez Ntemba hosted the Mampi Invention Show on Saturday night where Zambian R&B singer and Big Brother Africa Stargame contestant, Mampi Mukape, swang and thrilled revelers audiences as she danced non-stop and performed up to more than seven of her new songs all night long.

"Namibian music and dancing fans will be on fire when me and my Dancers storm the dancing floor tonight," promised she before taking centre stage.

A highly appreciative audience welcomed her onto the stage, which was tastefully prepared.

DJ Siya Mcied kept the house, which was filled to near full, entertained with Katima Mulilo genres.

B Jay also performed and didn't let her fans down. The 25-year-old musician, known for her vocal strength, writing and dancing skills wowed the fans and no wonder she was crown as queen of the night, especially when she danced and performed her songs, Why and Give Him Some Love.

"This is just awesome, I have never seen such a skilled dancing girl in my entire life before than Mampi," said one of the revelers excitedly keeping on screaming and shouting out Mampi's name during the show. Mampi was accompanied by her two dancers and two body guards on stage.

By Pinehas Nakaziko / New Era

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