Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maneta Inspires New Diss Song

Much has been said, and sung, about Maneta Mazanhi’s stormy appearance on Big Brother Africa StarGame.

Her clashes with compatriot, Roki Josphats, finally saw the pair ejected from the TV show – and it seems members of the musicians’ union are not ready to make her forget yet that she may have denied one of their number, Roki, a shot at the US$300,000 prize.

Several diss tracks have been recorded since Maneta and Roki’s exit from the M-Net show in June, but perhaps the most serious effort has come from Zimbabwe-based singer, Fada Wemangoma, in a new track called – you guessed it – Maneta.

The song, released this week with a video to boot, goes further than just taking cheap shots at the Bulawayo lass and – unfairly her fans would say – paints her as a maneater.

Fada Wemangoma sings: “Kana kadhakwa kanobvisa hembe/Kanemarambadoro kanodhakwa semurume/Kanakadhinhiwa kanotukamai

“Dai zvaibvira takakanda mubhini kotakurwa nemotikari yemadhodhabhini/Ndikakapihwa mahara andikabvume ini/Hakasi kunge fani kana drama raGringo
“Kunaka kakanaka aiwa hatirambe/Asi stayera dzake zinobaya kungemunzwa”

[“When she gets drunk she removes her clothes/She gets drunk like a man/When she gets angry she insults her mum

“If it were possible we would chuck her into the bin so she gets taken by recycle truck/If they gave her to me for free I would reject her/She is not as funny as Gringo’s dramas

“Beatiful she is that we don’t deny/But her attitude pricks like thorns]

Fada Wemangoma insists, rather unconvincingly, that “hatina kumumaka asi ndicho chokwadi (we are not unfairly attacking her but that’s the truth)”.

With Maneta being the polarising figure she is, the judgement on the fairness or lack of in the latest attack, we suspect, will be a hung jury.

Fada Wemangoma: Maneta (Official Video)

Courtesy of New Zimbabwe


  1. I will never support maBrantaya like Roki... as long as Maneta is Zimbabwean, i will support her. Roki is of slant character its known nation wide(Zimbabwe). He is a mbanje/marijuana guy who roam Waterfalls looking for dahqa.. In Zim children of foreign decendence are the ones who tarnish this lovely country.

  2. ouch! to bad for maneta, hopefully she'll will not take out her frustrations on the social network like some fame whores tht I know