Saturday, October 27, 2012

Maneta Reacts To The Maneta 'Defamation' Song

Zimbabwe's former representative at the Big Brother Africa StarGame Maneta Mazanhi, who suffered an unceremonious exit in the reality television show has reacted to the newly released song which is ridiculing her.

She said the track by Harare based artiste, Fada Wemangoma - You Guessed It - is a product of an untalented artiste who was seeking to make himself relevant using her name.

The artiste released the track together with its video last week.

In his track, Fada Wemangoma says: "Kana kadhakwa kanobvisa hembe/Kanemarambadoro kanodhakwa semurume/Kanakadhinhiwa kanotukamai.

"Dai zvaibvira takakanda mubhini kotakurwa nemotikari yemadhodhabhini, Ndikakapihwa mahara andikabvume ini, Hakasi kunge fani kana drama raGringo.

"Kunaka kakanaka aiwa, Asi stayera dzake zinobaya kungemunzwa

Loosely translated, the song means: "When she gets drunk she removes her clothes; she gets drunk like a man; when she gets angry she insults her mum.

"If it were possible we would chuck her into the bin so she gets taken by a recycle truck. If they gave her to me for free I would reject her. She is not as funny as Gringo's dramas.

"Beautiful she is that we don't deny, but her attitude pricks like thorns."

Maneta poured scorn at the singer saying he must get a life.

Maneta responded: "I think this guy has got problems making it big in the industry. Now he has decided to go the 'illegal' route to gain popularity. His song is criminal. It is defamatory and it should be treated as such," she said.

Asked if she was contemplating taking any legal action against the Harare based singer, Maneta said: "Definitely, but at the moment I am pre-occupied with examinations. I don't want to detract my attention."

Fada Wemangoma tries to appease Maneta in his song by saying "Hatina kumumaka asi ndicho chokwadi (we are not unfairly attacking her but that's the truth)".

Since the exit in June of Zimbabwean representatives in the reality television show; (BBA), Maneta has been subject of ridicule whereas her counterpart, Roki has been lauded as a hero.

Harare based playright, Stephen    Chifunyise wrote a "play" about Roki and Maneta in which Roki got to play himself but Maneta did not take part because of toothache.

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  1. Why the fuck do maneta even bother with talentless turd. Just like that rocky shit who was in the house with her, they can't get with her( waaaayyyy out of their league) so they insult her!!!

  2. Realy Manneta irritates.

  3. I wish der cud put me in dah house, wud be mor intertaining thn tht b****

  4. Did he mention yr name MANETA in that song or r u maybe feeling guilty of something sista?

  5. why isn't rocki or tht talentless freak being condemned for trashing maneta, becoz i know tht if it was the other way round maneta would have been condemned. wat kind of society do zimbabweans live in where women are called names for expressing their opinions and saying no to a well known musician?