Monday, October 08, 2012

Millicent Set To Join Politics

Ex Big Brother Africa contestant Millicent Mugadi is set to make stirring news of her political ambitions this week. According to a credible source, Millicent will be vying for the Women’s representative seat in Nairobi.

Millicent, who is very passionate about improving livelihoods of Nairobi's Ziwani residents, will be hosting a youth motivation seminar the whole of this week where it is rumoured she might announce her political ambitions.

"My mother was a very great political campaigner . She is the face behind Gerishon Kirima, Joe Aketch, Fred Gumo and Maina Kamanda's successful political careers. On the other hand, I'm very passionate about youth affairs but I'm not ready to talk about my political ambitions at the moment. I will let you know when the right time comes," Millicent said.

The actress, who spent most of her time in Nollywood after leaving Biggy's house last year, has recently been involved in a lot of charity projects. She has been working closely with Ahadi Kenya's anti-jigger campaign and played host to her former housemates when they visited Kenya to participate in the campaign. She recently organised a clean up day at Ziwani as part of her responsibilities as a peace ambassador. Millicent grew up in Ziwani before moving to "leafy suburbs" after her acting career started paying off. She also sponsors a football team in the area.

By The Star - Kenya

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