Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shisha Queen Jannette To Visit Malonza

Big Brother Africa's small princess Jannette Lutaaya who represented Uganda in the just concluded version of the reality TV show together with Kyle will be making her way to Kenya soonest.

During the first weeks of the Big Brother StarGame show, Jannette kept her self busy with Malonza from Kenya and while still in the house, small Princess was asked what she missed most from home and she told Biggie that she misses Shisha (tobacco pipe).

Jannette added that if there was a way Biggie could avail her shisha in the house, she could give viewers all over Africa a run for their money. Biggie simply told her that he will look into it but now that the show is over, Jannette seems to be enjoying shisha to the fullest.

Jannette is now contemplating on going to Kenya on (Oct 18) and on her to do list, Malonza comes number one though she has been warned to pack enough warm clothing as its a bit cold and rainy at this time of the month.

Credit: Uganda Online


  1. who cares? they can smoke shisha and fuck afterwards. why nt? malonza's girl(junia was fucked by seygay),talia, seygay's girl was fucked by keagan..... its all about fuking!!!

    1. tell me where did seygay fuked julia i like to know?

    2. @anon, it happened when seykak showed up at the eviction show where slutalia was upgraded and her now vindicated sister was evicted. after tht he went to namibia where he started a relationship with junia. he posted pictures of junia and himself together having the time of their lives. most of his followers were angry at this, with some talia supporters protesting on his page condemning him for cheating on talia with junia. he even blocked them saying tht his life didn't revolve around talia (this was weeks before talia cheated on him with keagan) and insulted zambia.

  2. I feel sorry for Malonza and his mom.Imagine introducing Super spy(Jannette) as your friend.Tjoo!! I will die, no class, unemployed,no secondary education,no ambition except dancer wannabe OMG the list go on and on.Infact she has nothing at all, nothing to offer to the relationship except her cunt!!

  3. Go gal go get him....someone is jealous already!

  4. this jannet will soon go mad,somebody help this little brat.