Sunday, October 21, 2012

Talia and Tamara Smile Again

This is when it’s said that blood is bigger than Big Brother. The two fighting Zambian sisters Talia and Tamara in the just ended Big Brother Africa StarGame are back as one happy family.  Having been invited to Nigeria by her Angolan boyfriend Seydou, Talia sought company from elder sister Tamara.

Seeing these two looking great leaves unanswered questions on what was confusing them whilst in the Big Brother house. It’s not surprising though that Talia and Tamara are a happy family, both of them testified to biggie that the fights never surfaced at home and this could be the reason of these smiles.

By Samobig /


  1. female version of michael jackson.......thats talia

  2. tamara looks pretty, talia looks like a ghost

    1. You are such a dog,get a life dude and leave talia alone.

    2. i have a right to have an opinion, i'm not brainwashed like the rest of you seylia lot who think tht you own every page. then again, i don't blame you for defending your fellow bitch....*bark*

  3. Tamara is the beautiful one and i thank her for exposing her sista that shes a HO...her HOness is not looking bad thou.