Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Uti Dismisses Claims That He Is Gay

Big Brother Africa All-stars winner, TV presenter, model and actor; Uti Nwachukwu has dismissed claims that he is gay. In a statement through his Facebook and Twitter pages, Uti said.

"Who God has blessed/elevated, no man can curse/bring down! Once there's wonderful news about me, the devil's agents try to interrupt but they always fail cause they use lies...

Congrats to the false rumour mongers. I'll say it once warned. Very very soon a scape goat shall be found. I pray none of my current or former friends are involved cause the wrath of the Almighty Jehovah Lord God of Israel will spare no one...

The Egyptian plague shall be child's play compared to what is coming. They shall know I serve a living God. Same God that has crowned me. Baba God noooniii!! To you be all the glory honour worship adoration and praise forever more! Amen...

I love you UFC...remain blessed"


  1. I dont think God has to punish people for suspecting a gay behaviour. Uti is a public figure, if he is controvesial people will write stories, he can just set the record straight, thats all, especeially as he is a christian.

  2. uti we still love you admist the rumour or not you are blessed already. no mind them just bekiaful in all your doings and choose you friends wisely.

  3. he's a liar, doesn't want to admit tht he's a f****t.

  4. Set the record straight and get married.

  5. abeg leave God name sha!if u prefer to give ur anus go on.but if its true am so hurt bc i really wished i could get a taste of ur juice as well(face drop)
    by the way ur hubby is a handsome guy kdos!

  6. I didn't see any dismissal/denial of the allegation in the above.....