Sunday, November 18, 2012

DKB & Zainab Reunite In Ghana

DKB and Zainab.
This year's Big Brother Africa reality show saw many disqualifications than the previous ones has ever witnessed. The assaults in this year`s biggest Africa reality show saw a 'royal rumble' between Ghana's representative, Derrick Kwabena Bonney(DKB) and Sierra Leone's diva, Zainab.

After their disqualification, the two became 'enemies' of which DKB's efforts to reach Zainab did not materialize. We also learnt that, upon knowing that DKB will be present, Zainab intentionally absented herself from the finals of the show.

The two have reunited after a long stay-away from the other. Zainab arrived at the Kotoka International Airport earlier this week to have some 'chilling' times off her busy schedules. Yesterday was a 'Zainab-DKB' day in Accra as the 'stubborn' housemates were jolly riding in Ghana's capital.

DKB on his show, 'Friday Madness' interviewed the victim of his anger Zainab, as the two shared some happy moments back in the house and indirectly apologized. In an interview DKB mentioned that, they have reunited and are having a good time.

As to whether Zainab will be in his campaign against gender violence, DKB mentioned that, Ghana should expect something grand than what he started. “It will be across the whole of Africa and it will make a lot of sense to people as we were victims of it, making our account short of $200,000" DKB said.

Until Zainab leaves Ghana, anytime you see DKB in traffic, look at his front seat as you will spot Zainab occupying the seat in comfort.
BBA StarGame housemates - Zainab, DKB and Keitta in Ghana.
Credit: Nana Kwesi Coomson / 233 Times

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