Saturday, November 10, 2012

Goldie Cashes In On BBA Dividends

The reason Goldie participated in Big Brother StarGame is finally out. According to her publicist, HB Associates, Goldie wants to become a big brand in Africa and BBSG was a good platform for her to achieve that aim. And as things stand now, it was a wise decision on her part as she has indeed become one of the most-sought-after female artists in Africa.

And like the busy bee and energetic entrepreneur that she is, she is not resting on her oars but further capitalising on and maximising the opportunities coming with her new African icon status.

She’s been using the opportunity of her various visits over Africa to do collaboration songs with other African artistes and in a few weeks, she will start to release the collabos before her next album which is planned to be distributed all over Africa.

By Oseyiza Oogbodo / National Mirror

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