Sunday, November 04, 2012

Maneta: I'll Rather Get Married For Money Than Settle For True Love, Money Is Everything!

One of Zimbabwe's representatives at Big Brother StarGame, Maneta Mazanhi has suggested that she would rather get married for MONEY instead of settling for 'true love'.

Maneta, who was chucked out of the Big Brother game, posted this stunning revelation on her Twitter account recently. The tweet read: "Speaking of which I'll rather marry for money, *** love because it's overrated"

She further posted that she will rather be in a miserable union but leading a comfortable life.

"Money does not buy you happiness, but it's better to be miserable in a Lamborghini and a huge mansion, going for shopping sprees in South of France."

Maneta emphasised that 'MONEY' was everything and that it was NECESSARY, hence she would marry for it than marry for love.

"Those who disagree that money is not everything must stop going to work every morning, stop hustling, park your cars, give away your clothes."

"Being broke is the root of all evil! Father please protect me from brokenness. Don't let the devil in" she cried out via her Twitter handle @maneta_m.

Maneta became the subject of ridicule when she was booted out of the Big Brother game together with her rival countryman Roki, who is a prominent urban grooves singer.

Meanwhile, soon after Big Brother StarGame, Maneta has hooked up with socialite, Wicknell Chivayo who is said to have funded the shopping spree that Maneta enjoyed in Asia in July.

This made Maneta's fans and members of the public speculate that Maneta is dating the 'rich young man' Wicknell. She however denied the claims and claimed that they are just a 'brother and sister' who are spoiling each other.

"B.I.G is my brother, why would I get married to my brother??" said Maneta as she thumped her nose at people abusing her on Twitter.

"I'm ready for my journey, all I have is my handbag!!! I'm goin fo a major axx shopping spree.... Asia here I come. Damn the future is Neva guaranteed!! 3mnths ago I'd Neva hav guessed that life would be this great! I love my life!! *sigh," she bragged.

The pair have said they are not dating but have become 'CLOSE'. Wicknell, popularly known as B.I.G, and is said to be one of Zimbabwe's richest youths, said in the same month that he would soon buying a car for Maneta.

Driving a silver BMW X6 the businessman showed he meant business, pledging to silence all his and Maneta's "haters".

"I am buying her a car this week. I am just waiting for quotations from dealerships and I will purchase it for her. It is my way of making the haters hate more and show them that they do not even matter. Maneta and I will be like brother and sister. She is my sister and also a very nice girl. As for plans of hooking up in the other way, no. That relationship will not even last as I have a girlfriend and Maneta is too small for me anyway. I love big women," he said in July.

Wicknell 'BIG' Chivayo, is believed to be one of Zimbabwe richest youths, if not the richest one. He owns several properties in Harare, drives several latest cars and often spends time overseas, especially in the United States where he buys expensive designer clothes among other things.

Do you agree with Maneta that money is everything?

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