Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Prezzo and Goldie: The Love Story Continues

Most people thought it was all talk and part of the publicity of the just concluded Big Brother Africa StarGame show, when Prezzo said he was serious about marrying Goldie during the question and answer time of a press conference held for the Kenyan rapper when he visited Lagos, Nigeria. He further disclosed that he was in Nigeria for unfinished business, which is proposing to Goldie for marriage. Big gabble. Many added.

Last week however, saw the former Big Brother StarGame Nigerian celebrity representative Goldie Harvey shock people after she made a public announcement that Prezzo and her were not a thing on national radio.

Many people were infuriated with the allegations as  they thought Prezzo was left heartbroken by his golden heart throb. Even with all the trips they  took together to New York and fro, plus Goldie visiting Prezzo’s mum. It therefore drew sharp contrast when Goldie said they were just former housemates and nothing more.

But just as fate would have it the two are still together and this time they are in Nigeria and were caught by paparazzi camera during a dowry payment ceremony in Nigeria.

The two attended the ceremony for a renowned gospel artist dressed in similar attire in Lagos.

The couple is also allegedly trying to secretly get married though there is no confirmation on the same.

Are Prezzo and Goldie having intimate relations but trying to keep it out of the eye of the public? Well, only time will tell.


  1. Goodluck 2 dem,wishing dem happy married life in advance.

  2. Bigups The President and the First Lady, love is beautiful no matter the circumstances, go get it!

  3. Gooo... TEAMPREZZO-GOLDIE..:-) U both rock!

  4. Its their life whatever they decide to do with it I wish them well. By d well they look good together

  5. God please protect this two from the eyes of evil.AMEN!!prezzo and goldie together you stand and divided you fall,always be together.GOD BLESS YOU!