Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prezzo & Goldie To Wed Early Next Year

The relationship that bloomed during the Big Brother Africa StarGame reality show between Kenya's Prezzo and Nigeria's Goldie is turning out to be one of the most controversial relationships in the celebrities world.

Their fans cannot even tell whether the two are a thing or not since Goldie rubbished the claims that they were a couple on a Nigerian national radio.

As strange as it would turn out a few days down the line Prezzo and his queen Goldie were seen at a dowry exchange ceremony in Nigeria dressed in the same attire looking like husband and wife.

A Nigerian radio station later made the claims that the couple has even married secretly and are just hiding their relationship.

The much mumbo jumbo is definitely spinning the heads of many and there is even more to confuse fans. Apparently according to a radio station in Nigeria, Prezzo flew to Nigeria to propose to Goldie just a day after her departure from Kenya.

He made the official engagement to Goldie in front of her parents and they have set a wedding date for next year February 9. We hope the El Presidante comes out clean and declares his stand.
Prezzo and Goldie at the Channel O house party recently.


  1. try not to report false news. Big brother is such a big name and for this blog to be associated with its unrealistic stories its really annoying. that picture was taken at someones traditional wedding ceremony and that's the attire the wore. You could be sued for this false story you know?

  2. Gud for dem ,@least let dat b her consolation price for d reality.

  3. Mek dem marry na she know da 1