Sunday, November 18, 2012

Roki Signs 3 Album Deal With Harare Studio

Badboy, Rockford Josphats has signed a two-year deal with Sunshine Studios in Harare. He will work with music producer, Keith Farquharson. Roki is expected to record three albums with the studio and he is over the moon.

“I am really excited about this project. People don’t know what to expect from me from the different times. Right now I am in a good period of my life. Very happy and free. I am also very balanced as a person and because of that I am more likely to make it onto the international scene.

“All the conditions, all the music experts, the equipment and the software to produce very good music is here and what’s left is for me to deliver and I will,” said Roki.

He said although it will be a new experience to sing songs written by someone, “I will adapt and, listening to the songs, I can see that Sunshine Studios has very good in-house song writers.”

Roki said his dream has always been to go international and “all the conditions are here at Sunshine Studios for me to achieve that.”

The working title for Roki’s first 16-track album is “Zvoshamisa.” Songs such as Dancing Loviyo, Pisa Pisa, Papa, Let’s Go Dancing and the title track Zvoshamisa might set dance floors on fire.

“We have now entered into the age of the Roki brand. Roki’s time is now. Zvinhu zviri muSunshine Studios ukawona tatadzawo to become international stars, in an environment like this, better tichinorima nyemba kumusha,” said Roki, adding that the contract he had signed made lots of business and “pocket” sense.

Eric Moyo, who won the Idols competition in 2008 and has not recorded any album since then has also peened a new deal with the same studio. He first penned a deal with Sunshine Studios early this year, but the contract was later reviewed.

Under the contract he signed on October 23, Eric cannot for the next two years record with any other stable. This could be the deal that Eric was waiting for to silence those who were beginning to say he doesn’t have what it takes to become a professional musician.

The working title to his 16-track album is eZollywood, which comprises danceable and love songs such as Mombasa, Things You do to me, Broken Down my Love and Love Has Spoken, among others.

Keith Farquharson, who in 2011 won a South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Engineer for Freshlyground’s Radio Africa album, said he chose to work with Sunshine Studios because it was one of the best.

via Nehanda Radio

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