Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roki's Ex-Wives Move In Together

Former Big Brother StarGame housemate and controversial urban groove singer Rockford "Roki" Josphat has housed his ex-wives Pauline Gundidza and Melody Musekiwa under one roof. Roki, who is famed for trying to have his own version of the Jackson Five, with his kids, also perform with his two ex-wives -- Pauline as a backing vocalist and Melody as a dancer.

In an exclusive interview with Saturday Lifestyle, Roki said the move was meant to cut costs and give him time to concentrate on his music career.

Ironically, the talented yet naughty singer has since moved out of the house to live with some friends just a few kilometres away from where his ex-wives are. They are all living in Waterfalls.

"Its true that they are staying together, (Pauline and Melody) they don't have problems with each other, in fact they gang up against me. This is purely business decision, inga anababa vedu vaisiya anamai kumusha vachinoshava wani hapana chinoshamisa, its about progress" said Roki.
Roki with ex-wife
Melody Musekiwa.

He said he was looking after his ex-wives, and taking care of their day-to-day expenses.

"One of my guys is not here; he has gone to drop some groceries there. I look after them well but I no longer want to have other children, its time to make money," he said.

Roki has five kids with four different women -- two kids with Pauline, one with Melody and another two with unidentified women.

Roki made it clear that dating women were no longer on top of his priority list.

"I think I now need a girl to hang out with on Sundays only.

"After a week of working tirelessly one needs a girl while chilling at home, but it's no longer important to me," said Roki, who is reported to be dating one of her dancers, Tari, an allegation he played down.

"I am not seeing her, she is my dancer. People think so because I spent most time with her rehearsing," said Roki.

While Roki and friends live in a well furnished house, his ex-wives had to be content with living in a backyard cottage at a place where electricity was disconnected by Zesa for non-payment.

By Problem Masau / The Herald - Zimbabwe

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