Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Seydou & Keagan Don't See Eye-To-Eye - A Story Of Love, Jealousy, Betrayal & Triumph

It all started in the Big Brother house when Angola's Seydou and Zambia's Talia started a hot romance. Their romance was cut short when Seydou was eliminated from the game on day 25 because his partner Esperanca opted to leave the show. Talia cried her eyes out when Seydou left.

However, it wasn't long before Talia became deeply enmeshed in another love-affair with South Africa's Keagan. Talia told Keagan that maybe her feelings for Seydou were not as deep as she thought they were and for the weeks that followed, the two were locked in love.

During on of his diary sessions, Keagan told Biggie how Talia opened up the gate for him to get inside.

Keagan revealed how he had always liked Talia and wanted something to happen between them outside the House. The South African revealed how surprised he was that she considered his advances, despite the situation she was in with Seydou.

"This thing has been in the making for a while and it’s just that we did not want to show it. She opened up the gate for me and let me inside last night and it came as a surprise. I didn't expect it," Keagan said.

When asked how their flirtation started, Keagan sang like a canary. "It started in the Jacuzzi. We were in the warm water and moved closer and closer to each other. All of a sudden, feet were being tickled, we were looking into each others eyes and hands were held. It was meant to be kindergarten foreplay," Keagan said.

The show ultimately ended and Keagan emerged winner.

But when Seydou returned to SA for the finale, he claimed that , Talia came to his hotel room, crying and begging him to take her back. He took photos and secretly recorded a video of when Talia was in his hotel room and posted on his Twitter and Facebook.

This happened to be true as Talia went on to publicly apologise and express her love towards Seydou and in one of her messages she said;

"I will never take back what I did to u Seydou, I love u and its the honest truth, I fell for Keagan and got carried away.. I made it clear to him that I was confused. And that with winning and everything, its so complicated. It makes it harder.. I have said it a thousand over Seydou, i am sorry for everything and if this is my punishment for me then let it be. i am broken yes, I hurt u and its breaking me. I confided in coz I thought u should know because I owe u that much..if that Costs me everything then I deserve it. I hope ur heart is at peace now or atleast close Seydou, I will try mend my heart and learn from my mistakes.."

Keagan spoke about the Talia situation saying...

"Ok so clearly it's not easy being a BBA winner, I took a nap last night and clearly did not wake up again even through my alarm, Im sorry, so I basically just wanted to clear the air with a few things because I've got hundreds of messages with the same questions, first of all I don't have a blackberry so no pins.

Secondly the whole Talia situation we are remaining friends, she has chosen to be with Sey which i dont have a problem with, and she did not post the status the other day about Sey being her booboo as it was a fake account."

In the days that followed, Seydou was in Zambia to support during the Big Brother Africa Dance party that was graced by two veteran broadcasters Kay Smash and Dj LBC.

It was a good moment when Seydou and Talia kissed and declared that the two were back together and praying that all should go well and make plans of marrying each other.

It's clear that Seydou has always been in love with Talia despite being disappointed on international TV when Talia had an all-night sexual encounter with Keagan.

Seydou is now happy that he and Talia are back together and hoping to start making babies soon.

Talia, who has always had feelings for Seydou so much so that even when she was with Keagan, Seydou's pictures were plastered all over the wall above her bed is also happy that they are back together though she still insists that their relationship must be kept secret from the public.

What exactly happened between Talia and Keagan after the show is still unknown but one thing's for sure, Talia is with Seydou now.

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  1. since when was seydou in zambia? check your sources before you report, please....